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Eclairs Au Chocolat


Our classic Eclairs au chocolate is one of the best desserts. The shell of the cookie is made from choux pastry filled with our secret delicious creamy sauce and dipped in special buttery Belgian chocolate.


The process of how to make our Eclairs is parted down into three components to bake this pastry.


First of all, is the classic filling with vanilla cream pastry then choux is mixed next we bake into hallow shells, once the shells are cooled they are dipped into our classic chocolate.


Try our premium chocolate Eclairs, our classic chocolate Eclairs are hallowed shells filled with rich creamy secret chocolate sauce filling with prominent vanilla flavor and not too sweet.


Éclairs Au Chocolate is a part of our cookies, brownies, and tart section along with our delicious “Belgian chocolate tart, Belgian chocolate brownies, brownie cookie.

Not the average baked good

No preservatives
No dyes
No off-the-shelf mixes