• What is the name of the products

    Please visit our menu section to view our products and their names.

  • What is price of customized cakes

    Customized cakes are Rs. 1350 per pound & Minimum order is 3.5 pounds

  • What is your niche / your best options

    We are the best at what we make. But still, if you insist to ask, try our very own (i) Signature Chocolate Cake (ii) Eclairs (iii) Brownie Cookies (iii) Vanilla fete and (iv) Apple Crumble

  • What is the minimum order?

    Minimum Order is Rs. 1000 excluding the delivery charges

  • How do we pay for our order

    We offer all range of payment transfers like Swift transfers (International), Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, Online Bank Transfers or if you want to pay Cash on Delivery, COD is also accepted.

    Note: We will start accepting Credit Cards  & Union Pay methods as well very soon.

  • Where can we view range of customized cakes?

    You can see our customized cakes section for our creations

  • How do you deliver the cakes

    We deliver standard cakes on motorcycle deliveries. Customized cakes are delivered via car – however the delivery charges are capped upto Rs. 300 for the farthest delivery. We do not charge as per actual fare of the hired vehicle

  • How does the Packaging look like

    We take pride in our packaging. Our packaging is as great as our product.

  • What if we order a wedding cake

    If you order a wedding cake with us, our representative(s) will come to your location and set the cake at your location, along with some instructions to keep the cake intact for the celebration. Respected customer or their relatives/representatives are requested to cooperate and be respectful with our staff members.

  • Where can we talk to Baketown?

    We love communicating with our customers. Please see our number on main website page.

  • Where is the menu?

    Our menu is available on our website, our Instagram page and also in catalogue on our official WhatsApp number

  • How big is your 2 lbs. Cake?

    Our 2 pound cake is approximately 7.5 inches in diameter & 2 inches in height

  • How do we calculate the servings to order a cake

    A 2 lbs. cake typically has 4 – 6 servings.

    A 3 lbs. cake typically has 8  – 10 servings