About Us (Baketown Bakery)

Our Difference

Freshly Baked Everyday: We bake our cakes daily and donot stock too many cakes so that you get fresh and delicious cakes direct from the oven everyday. It is always better to pre order to avoid any disappointment as we do not stock cakes.

Right Sugar every time: In all of our cakes and desserts, you will notice a very balanced and right amount of sugar. Not too sweet, yet very delicious.

Customer Service: From the warm welcome the minute you talk to our representative to remembering our customer’s favorite flavors, it is our warmth and sincerity, which makes a Bake town’s experience memorable. Our staff is mentored and supervised under founders and we literally take every cake seriously! Understanding that all individuals are creative in their own way, we mentor and nurture our chefs so they can use their talents to make beautiful creations for our customers. The Baketown’s team is always ready to go an extra mile to meet our customer’s requests. We relish in every challenge, no matter how big or small.

Quality and Hygiene: At The Baketown, we never compromise on quality and only use the best ingredients. Hygiene is an essential part of our culture and we maintain the highest hygiene standards possible. From our chefs to our staff, everyone is trained to uphold our high hygiene standards at all times.

Ethics: At The Cake Lab, we understand that our loyal customers are at the core of our business. We will never include any hidden charges in your bill or insist any customer to purchase a cake they do not need. We always strive to work with our customers to deliver a quality cake, which is right for them and will always commit to our agreed delivery times. Be assured of weight promised every time you order.