Top 3 chocolate cakes in Islamabad

Hey Chocolate lovers, Are you looking for The best chocolate cake in twin cities. A cake that actually makes you forget the world and you just cant resist eating the whole pound?

Welcome then, you are at the right place. On the basis of public voting, lets have a look at the best chocolate cakes available in twin cities:


1.  The Baketown Inc

This Belgian chocolate cake by the baketown inc scored the highest in our list of top 3 chocolate cakes in Islamabad. This ‘melt in the mouth ’cake was very moist, had a delicious taste of original Belgian chocolate with just the right amount of sweetness and literally was a treat to the taste buds. We bought a two pounds well-presented cake and we were left with only the cake board after a few minutes. The baketown is being run by a team of expert pastry chefs who claim that they serve the best cakes in twin cities. They started off with this cake, and it made them very famous in the market. This online bakery now sells finger licking brownies, cookies and donuts with oozing chocolate. We yet have to try their customized cakes as they say that this Belgian chocolate cake packed in a theme of birthday or anniversary results as the best customized cake in Islamabad.


2. Nando’s

Second in the list is the heavenly chocolate cake by Nanods. Very light and delicious, you just cant stop having this cake even after a loaded dinner of espetada carnival at this restaurant. Nandos chocolate cake is filled with chocolate, cream and malt and they claim that it’s the most delicious cake you will ever have and to some extent, they are right. Nandos is an international restaurant chain and its said that it’s the only fiery chicken restaurant that serves a dessert that’s actually one of the top rated in its category. This chocolate cake is not overly sweetened and is medium moist in texture. So if you are at Nandos this weekend, then after treating yourself with delicious range of peri-peri sauces combined with Espetada, give this cake a try.


3. Burning Brownie

While we were wandering in search of the top 3 best chocolate cakes in twin cities, burning brownie helped us find the third one. The chocolate orange pastry by the burning brownie is just the right choice for those who like a bit of fruity flavor in combination with heavenly chocolate fudge. We ordered a pastry and then we just couldn’t resist ordering two more which were gone in minutes. Coupled with a cup of coffee, this pastry happens to be a perfect treat when you are having a chit chat with fast friends. The bakery claims that they bake fresh batch every day and got famous due to the authentic recipes they have. Burning brownie has grown from a small rack at a local gas station to a full-fledged bakery. Its own by a pastry enthusiast who has taken burning brownie to a next level by adding coffee, cupcakes and more to the menu.