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Belgian Chocolate Brownies


This heavenly dessert is a cup form of our best-seller Belgian chocolate cake. Don’t want to buy a whole cake? Dig into this heavenly cup and forget about the world.


Baketown, Gluten Free Belgian Chocolate Brownies are a trio chocolate treat, that’s made with chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and Belgian chocolate, making them one indulgent dessert! This complete recipe makes a chocolate fudge, dense brownie that’s, gooey and so scrumptious.


Each bite includes everything you could ask for in a Belgian chocolate brownie, when you bite into the crispy top, the gooey inside just melts in your mouth. Making brownies from scratch can be easy. But what makes these brownies extra fudgy and scrumptious is the use of unique, real, and high-quality Belgian chocolate.

Not the average baked good

No preservatives
No dyes
No off-the-shelf mixes